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Why Choose Foot Sensation as your Custom Orthotics provider?

Certified Pedorthists

What is a Certified Pedorthist?

A Certified Pedorthist is trained in the manufacturing, fitting and modification of custom orthotics, foot appliances and footwear for the purpose of alleviating painful or debilitating conditions.
A Certified Pedorthist provides both footwear and devices to assist in:
• accommodation of foot deformities
• realignment of anatomical structures, improvement of balance, control of biomechanical function and accommodation of special circulatory requirements.

Why Choose a Certified Pedorthist?

While other foot professionals deal with biomechanical and soft tissue, foot care issues such as ingrown toe nails, callus removal and skin conditions, we are the only recognized professions trained specifically in the areas of biomechanics, footwear, shoe modifications and custom orthotic construction.

Revolutionary Footwear

There are constant developments in the design of footwear each new development is carefully researched. The latest is the rocker bottom shoes such as the Finn Comfort- Finnamic and X-Sensible. Although these new design improvements will benefit many it is important to remember they are not for all. This is where a professional in the footwear industry comes in. After careful assessment of needs and lifestyle, they can determine the suitability of each brand for you and your feet.

Custom made Orthopedic Footwear

Custom made orthopedic footwear is commonly prescribed for more severe foot deformities or people who simply cannot fit in off the shelf footwear. They are constructed using a cast of the individuals foot and ankle and are constructed from raw materials. The process usually takes four to eight weeks from time of assessment. Our Certified Pedorthists have extensive experience in the design and construction of Custom Orthopedic footwear.

Shoe Modifications

Occasionally individuals with certain foot conditions will benefit from having their shoes Modified. These Modifications address specific biomechanical abnormalities of the foot. They can be as simple as adding extra arch support or stretching the shoes for Bunions or as complicated as a complete rebuild of the shoe. Our Experienced Pedorthists will assess your condition and make recommendations as to which if any of the many modifications possible would help solve your issues.