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How Do Shoes Affect Your Health?

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How Do Shoes Affect Your Health?

So how do the different shoes we wear affect our foot health?

How Do Shoes Affect Your Health?

“The shoes you wear can make you feel slim, sexy and stylish — or they can leave you wincing in pain,” wrote Natalie Mackenzie on
So how do the different shoes we wear affect our foot health?
Flip-Flops: Only a thin strap and your bunched toes keeping your flip-flops from flying off. This constant gripping action makes it impossible to flex your arch normally, compromising the way your forefoot pushes off when you step forward. This forces your hips and knees to absorb most of the impact. Furthermore, flip-flops shorten your stride, which, over time, may lead to lower-body fatigue.
High Heels: If you wear high heels most of the time, you may be doing long term damage to your body. A 2011 Danish study found that walking in heels can increase the risk of osteoarthritis by as much as six times. Furthermore, studies have found that wearing high heels daily can actually the decrease your calorie burn, adding as much as 5-pounds over a year’s time!
Flats: These shoes lack the internal support found in sneakers. Because of this, wearing flats can cause the ligaments and tendons along the bottom of your foot can overstretch and the arch can collapse. This can lead to painful foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. Studies have also found that women wearing flats put about 25 percent more impact on the heel with each step.
So before reaching for your favorite fashionable pair of shoes, stop and think about the long-term damage you could be doing to your body.
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